How to Pick the Best Kitchen Faucet | Buyer’s Guide

What to consider when buying a kitchen faucet

You might be wondering have to buy the best kitchen faucet and looking for some guidance and some help regarding choosing the best kitchen faucets. Below are some of the few things you need to consider while planning to buy a kitchen faucet.

We have compiled a list and reviews of the top 10 best kitchen faucets that you must be looking for.

Types of kitchen faucets

First of all, find out which kind of kitchen faucet do you require. There are plenty of suitable options available in the market for the kitchen faucets you can pick from.

The popular type of kitchen faucets includes Pulldown kitchen faucets and Touchless kitchen faucets. These Pulldown kitchen faucets have detachable spray heads along with a tall neck and long hoses for better cleaning of the dishes.

There are Pullout kitchen faucets as well, which are perfect for smaller houses in small kitchens. These are somehow similar to the Pulldown kitchen faucet, but they have shorter spouts. Therefore people love kitchen faucets with Pullout sprayers.

The Touchless kitchen faucets have the Technology of touch control, enabling you to use the kitchen faucet without even touching it. You will also find out some of the kitchen faucets that have amazing control designs. You will find out handles on either side or both sides of these kitchen faucets.

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Types of cartridge

An important mechanical component of the kitchen faucet is the cartridge. There are two different types of cartridges, as well. One is the mixer cartridge, and the other one is the single function cartridge. This single-function cartridge allows only one Water Line.

The kitchen faucets that come with a single function cartridge usually have two handles, one for the hot water and another for the cold water. This single-function cartridge kitchen faucet may be old school, but people still love using them.

On the contrary, the mixer cartridge kitchen faucets have a dual function. These kitchen faucets allow us to use different lines at once. It is not like the standard single function cartridge. It allows both hot and cold water to exist in the spout.

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Controls of the kitchen faucets

Another feature and the most crucial question is the controls of the kitchen faucet. Whenever you are planning to buy a kitchen faucet and pick that Touchless Control kitchen faucet, you don’t have to worry about the kitchen faucet controls.

However, when it is not a Touchless Control faucet, you would need to decide whether you want a single or dual control kitchen faucet.

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The price range of the kitchen faucets

If you are looking for a very basic kitchen faucet, it could range up to $50. However, if you want something a little fancier and have a bigger budget, your kitchen faucet can go up to $100.

Usually, people want to buy a kitchen faucet between $100 to $250. These faucets between 100 to 250 dollars are usually high quality and the best kitchen faucets. Even though the kitchen faucet at the range of 250 dollars are top tier and high-end kitchen faucets that are not affordable by everyone.

Looking for an even better and high-end option? You can also find a kitchen faucet in the range of $500. But it all depends on your budget and your requirements. There are a lot of sophisticated designs and excellent hardware kitchen faucets data available at just $100.

You need to research before buying a kitchen faucet to ensure the quality and prepare a budget beforehand, so when you look at the Futuristic and amazing Victorian designs at the market, you would not want to buy it or a budget will help you stay in a limited range of prices.

Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews and Buyer's Guide